The organising team would like to thank all the participants that contributed to the 10th OpenMolcas Developers' Workshop.

The talks can be found on the link below

The schedule is in Central European Summer Time (UTC+2).

Book of abstracts

Time Wednesday June 8, 2022 Thursday June 9, 2022 Friday June 10, 2022 Duration
Chair S. Battaglia F. Segatta
9:40 Y. Nishimoto (Online) G. Li Manni 20'
10:00 Check-in S. Knecht (Online) O. Weser 20'
10:20 E. Vos (Online) J. Church (Online) 20'
10:40 Coffee & opening Coffee break Coffee break 20'
Chair V. Veryazov L. De Vico T. Weymuth
11:00 M. G. Delcey D. Opalka G. Booth (Online) 30'
11:30 L. Cerdán (Online) D. Wang F. Plasser (Online) 20'
11:50 F. Segatta R. Di Remigio B. Tenorio 20'
12:10 E. Larsson J. Staab L. Barneschi 20'
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch 1h30'
Chair L. Axner R. Lindh S. Bokarev
14:00 A. Scemama (Online) P.-F. Loos
& M. Boggio-Pasqua (Online)
F. Agostini 30'
14:30 M. Hapka (Online) T. Weymuth A. Baiardi 20'
14:50 A. Ammar (Online) Discussion V. K. Jaiswal (Online) 20'
15:10 P. Lopez Rios (Online) A. Kaiser 20'
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break 30'
Chair G. Li Manni M. G. Delcey
16:00 S. I. Bokarev Free afternoon L. De Vico 20'
16:20 J. Kragskow (Online) S. Lehtola (Online) 20'
16:40 P. Calio (Online) J. Bao (Online) 20'
17:00 F. Montorsi Closing remarks 20'
Gala dinner

The gala dinner will be at Restaurant Borgen at 19:00.