OpenMP for GPU offloading

This course is intended for newcomers to OpenMP GPU offloading. By the end of it, students will feel comfortable with the basic process of introducing OpenMP offloading constructs to a simple code base. They will then be able to

  • reason about which parts of the code to change,

  • know how to manage data transfers, lifetimes and reductions,

  • use a mini-app to observe behavior

  • be aware of how to interact with GPU libraries

  • be aware of how to interact with MPI


  • Understanding of how to read either C++ or Fortran code

  • Running programs from a terminal command line

  • For one lesson, familiarity with MPI concepts for multi-node programming

20 min

Why OpenMP offloading?

40 min

Heat diffusion mini-app

40 min

Introduction to GPU architecture

60 min

Profiling code for GPUs

40 min

Offloading to GPU

40 min

Data environment

40 min

Working alongside GPU libraries

60 min

Multiple GPUs

40 min

Working alongside GPU libraries

40 min

Porting code to OpenMP offloading

Who is the course for?

This course is for all people who seek to understand the basics of how OpenMP offloading for GPUs can improve the performance of their code.

About the course

This course is offered jointly by ENCCS ( and CSC (

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