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  1. Stochastic State-Averaged CASSCF for Spin-Exchange Transition Metal Clusters - Arta Safari, Max Planck Institute Stuttgart
  2. Ab initio calculations for CO+ (for radiative association in Supernova 1987A) - Martina ҆imsov√°, Lule√• University of Technology
  3. Analysis of Excitation Patterns in Nitrogen-Splitting Complexes - Severine Rupp, Technical University Darmstadt
  4. Analyses of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic coupling paths in manganese dimers - Justin Krampe, Technical University Darmstadt
  5. Photocycloreversion mechanism of oxetane derivatives as models of (6-4) photoproduct DNA lesions, Miriam Navarrete Miguel, Universitat de València
  6. Quantitative Prediction of The K-edge XANES of Hydrated Transition Metal ions - Soumen Ghosh, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  7. Some Comments on Different-Orbitals-for-Different-Spins Determinants, Ron Shepard, Argonne National Laboratory
  8. A Combined QM-ML Approach to Accelerate Photodynamics Simulation, Pin-Han Chen, Universitat de València